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Funded Grants and Contracts (Internal and External)

Funding Source
Short Title of Grant
Cooperative underwater robotic networks for discovery & rescue
Air Force Research Lab
Adaptation in multi-satellite constellation cooperation
Hebei Automation Technology
Optimization control of multiple systems
NASA/University of Illinois
Prevention of Loss of Control through Adaptive Reconfiguration
Pratt & Whitney
Performance Seeking Control of Turbofan Engines
Prognostic and Health Monitoring
Adaptive Control for Air Management Systems
Pratt Whitney
Adaptive Control Logic for Turbo-Fan Engines
NASA/Zona Technologies
Pilot Induced Oscillation Suppression under Off-Nominal Conditions using L1 Adaptive Control
Adaptive Control for Air Management Systemss
NASA/Pratt Whitney
Adaptive Control for Fast Engine Response
Hermes Microvision Inc
Adaptive Augmentation of Existing Servo-System
Alstom Power
Application of Adaptive and Model Based Controls in New Generation Power Plants
Adaptive Control with a priori Guaranteed Performance Bounds and Robustness/Stability Margins
Image Sensing and Sleeping Deprivation Systems for Smart Home Cages
NASA/United Technologies - Pratt & Whitney
Fast-Response Engine Research (FastER) Adaptive Control
Alstom Power
Adaptive augmentation of existing servo-system
Pratt & Whitney
Turbofan Engine Modeling and Adaptive Control
UConn Research Foundation
Adaptive Control of Bio-Inspired Micro Aerial Vehicles



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