Jiaxing Che

PHD student of Mechanical Engineering
Office: AIMlab
Office Phone: +1-860-486-0455
Fax: 860-486-5088
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Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Connecticut
191 Auditorium Road, Unit 3139
Storrs, CT 06269
  • BS, Harbin Institute of Technology 2007
  • MS, University of Science and Technology of China, 2010
  • Ph.D. University of Connecticut

Areas of Interest

Adaptive Estimation and Control, Hardware and Software Development, Computer Vision, Signal Processing.

Research Experience
2010.9-present Adaptive Intelligence and Mechatronics lab of UCONN
Hardware and Algorithm Developments of Embedded Controller Based on TI DSP and FPGA
Research on L1 adaptive Control algorithm and implementation.
Joint Research program with Hermes Micro-Vision INC(San Jose CA) to develop the hardware and software for high performance motion control system.

2008.12- 2010.8 National Engineering Research Center for Information Technology in Agriculture
Software and Algorithm Developments of Embedded Smart Camera in Measuring physiological parameters of crop with the TI CCStudio v3.3 and DSP c6474 embedded Linux like operating system
Development of Software and Hardware of Portable Measuring device to Monitor Area of Leaves including mechanics, optics, computer vision, measurement algorithm.

2007.9-2008.12 Institute of Industrial Automation of USTC
Develop and Test the signal processing hardware of ion electrode
Refine the Software of Wireless Sensor Network based on MSP430 micro and Zigbee protocol in environment monitoring system
Compose and apply of 2 patents about the Wireless Sensor Network in Greenhouse monitoring system
Designed the Class-D amplifiter based on continue-time Delta-Sigma modulation principle.

Innovative Laboratory of HIT
Accomplished individual work and a personal patent " Direct Drive Saw in Bone Surgery based on voice coil motor control" and participated in The National Undergraduate Mechanical Design Contest;
Develop the driver and control board for BLDC and DC motor based on AVR micro controller, CPLD and power electronics components.


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[2]Jiaxing Che, Chengyu Cao. Adaptive Controller for Unknown Disturbance Rejection without Dynamic Inversion, Control and System letter Under review.

[3]Jie Luo, Jiaxing che, Shizhong Yang, Xinsheng Lou, Chengyu Cao. Adaptive control of power plant systems in the presence of time delay. IEEE Conference on Decision and Control 2012 under review

[4]Jiaxing Che Chengyu Cao. L1 Adaptive control of System with Unmatched Disturbance by Using Eigenvalue Assignment Method IEEE Conference on Decision and Control 2012 Published

[5] Che, J. and Zhao, C. and Zhang, Y Embedded Smart Camera in Measuring Area of Plant Leaves, International Forum on Computer Science-Technology and Applications, 2009. IFCSTA'09 vol 3 pp-6--9 2009

[6] Che, J. and Zhao, C. and Zhang, Y X. Plant stem diameter measuring device based on computer vision and embedded system. World Automation Congress (WAC), 2010 pages 51-55


Wireless Control Device in Greenhouse base on Zigbee protocol 2008

Wireless Sensor Network in Greenhouse based on MSP 430 micro processor 2008

Direct Drive Saw in Bone Surgery 2006